Friday, July 6, 2012

July Vendor of the Month

Something that all brides, grooms, and most people in general find important is their health and body image.  So July's vendor of the month is highlighting personal fitness and the trainers at Healthridge Fitness Center.  I had a chance yesterday to sit down with the head of the personal trainer's program at Healthridge, Andre Day, and talk to him about his recommendations for brides, grooms, and well...anyone.

Some of the tips he gave me are that prior to the wedding if you are wanting to either lose weight or tone, to start at least 12 weeks (three months) prior to the wedding date.  That is the amount of time it takes to really see the results that you are looking for.

Another tip is to plan your workouts similarly to this:
Monday - 60 min. core/resistance training + 20-30min. cardio
Tuesday - 60 min. cardio
Wednesday - 60 min. core/resistance training + 20-30min. cardio
Thursday - Break
Friday - 60 min. core resistance training + 20-30min. cardio
Saturday - Break
Sunday - Break

The final tip I have to share with you from him, is a simple math equation.  If you want to lose 1 pound a week without doing any exercise whatsoever, all you have to do is cut out 500 calories from your regular diet each day.  Here's why...1 pound of fat = 3500 calories.  For three days in a row keep track of all of the calories you consume in a day.  Don't try to cut out food on these days, eat normally so you see how many calories you regularly consume.  I started tracking yesterday, and saw that I took in 2400 yesterday.  Today I am at 1320calories before dinner.  I will track tomorrow as well.  Once I see what my average calories per day is, I will work at taking out 500 calories a day (for me that probably means giving up Dr. Pepper).  If you give up 500 calories every day for 7 days in a row that is equal to 3500...which is exactly equal to 1 pound of fat!  Big Tip Moment: Combine this method with exercise and you will really start shedding the pounds for your wedding day!

Heathridge Fitness Center
contact: Andre Day
phone: 913-284-6622
Appx. cost: (If you aren't a gym member at Healthridge, add $5 to each total)

1 Hour Personal Training Session (1-on-1)
1 session - $75
3 sessions - $209
6 sessions - $389
12 sessions - $739

1 Hour Tandem Training (2-on-1) **good for a bride and groom to do together
1 session - $99
3 sessions - $289
6 sessions - $559
12 sessions - $1099

Starter Pak for 1st Time Purchasers
(3) 1 hour sessions - $149

1 Hour Small Group Training (3-10 people with 1 trainer)
1 session - $35
3 sessions - $99
6 sessions - $179
12 sessions - $319

Contact Andre, and tell him Allen Event Designs referred you!

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