Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bridal Tips for Budgeting

As most bride's are on a budget, you can save money by doing several things:

~Plan your wedding outside of "high season"- In the fall or winter venues can come at cheaper prices, and with the holiday season decorations may already be provided (wreaths, candles, Christmas/twinkle lights, etc.)

~Ask people you know who are skilled at certain tasks rather than booking an expensive vendor. For instance, if your Uncle Clive is really good at photographry, see if he'll do your engagement photos. If they turn out great, you may ask if he'll do the wedding day photography. Or maybe your cousin is a great baker, see if she could do the wedding cake. She could have a trial run at it first, and see how the bridal shower cake turns out.

~Haggle on price and inclusions before signing a contract. Right now with the economic crisis, vendors are desperate to book brides, as much as you are desperate to save money. Although they may stand firm on the price, see if they'll throw in some extras for free. (i.e. - the caterer might give an extra free appetizer or free carbonated beverages, the photographer could give you a print album AND a CD of all the pictures taken, the reception site might throw in some added decor they own like candles, lights, mirrow squares, hurrican glasses, etc.)

~When talking to vendors (like the reception site) just say you are throwing a party for x amount of guests, what would the rental space cost? Sometimes prices are skyrocketted just because it's for a wedding.

~If you have a year or more before the wedding, see if the decor you want for that particular season goes on sale right as that time is ending. For instance, I had a winter wedding, and as soon as New Year's/Valentine's rolled around all the winter decor went on sale, so I was able to purchase it a year out, store it in the basement, and then I had great looking, cheap decor at the ceremony and reception.

~Don't ask people to give money only as a present. Wedding registries are acceptable as a way to show people the items you would like, but saying you only want money is tacky and holds no class. If you need money only, prehaps revisiting the wedding budget would be in order. Remember you can always return items after the wedding if it is necessary.

~Don't throw a pot-luck wedding. Guests should not be expected to bring a gift AND their own food. If the budget is tight on the food portion, look into doing an appetizer buffet or check other caterer's prices.

~Don't let the wedding stress you out. The budget is there as a guideline, so that after the wedding you don't stress about being broke with your spouse. Remember, the wedding lasts one day, but the marriage will last a lifetime. Start it off on the right foot!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog vs. Wedding Planning

I think I found it took more time to figure out how to work a blog, than it takes to plan a wedding! I think I have got it under control though, and have it looking they way I want now. No more regular blog template for me, I am stepping out of the blog box!

Last weekend I spent some time with one of my brides going over the monthly to-do list, and we had a great time. Her wedding is out-of-town, and so we went over out-of-state requirements for marriage licenses and how/when those would be taken care of. I will be flying in three days before her wedding to make sure she is staying relaxed and calm, and taking care of the last minute details before the "I Do's" are said. Looking forward to it!

Remember if you have any questions, or would like a complimentary consultation email me at alleneventdesigns@gmail.com.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just the Beginning

Welcome to Allen Event Designs. I started wedding planning when a friend asked me to plan her big day, because of my reputation for organization. Since the start of that planning process almost two years ago, I have begun to plan weddings as more than just a hobby. Brides and vendors alike have commented that they have never seen someone pay as close attention to detail as I do, and I pride myself on that fact for two reasons. One, everyone loves surprises, but not on a day as important as your wedding day. Two, this day should be everything you've ever imagined and I can make that happen. I plan primarily in the Kansas City area, but I am willing to travel. In fact, I'm currently planning one wedding taking place in the heart of Chicago. If you have any questions, or would like to meet for a complimentary consultation please email me at alleneventdesigns@gmail.com.