Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I'm In Love With Right Now

So right now, as the weather is getting nicer, these are some of the things I am in love with right now!

Right now the idea of a beach wedding is just magical.  Crisp white sand, bare feet, blue skies, and crystal water lapping along side the aisle.  What an ideal way to start the rest of your life together.  Perfection.  So with that little imagery, here are some things I would love to go with it:

Photo credit: HopeFaithInspire on Etsy ~ found here
Something sparkly to catch the light of that beach sunset...and better yet, it can be your something new and something blue!

Photo credit: ~ go here
I love the simple details of the top of the dress, the petite bows almost remind me of tiny starfish.  And the skirt seems to be made out of a very light linen, so beautiful!  It would go perfect with that starfish necklace!

Photo credit: Bella Beach Weddings

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee
Of course the groom has to be properly attired as well!  In the first photo I love the idea of a crisp khaki suit! Looks very complimentary with the beach setting.  It would get hot in the jacket though!  I would keep the pants and flip flops from the first photo and pair it with a linen shirt like the one in the second photo...except I would make it short sleeved. 

Photo credit: Unique Beach Wedding

Photo credit: Wedding X
As for colors I'd go with either various shades of blue hues or the bright pinks and coral trend.  Although that first picture (to me) is a bit too busy, I do love the shades of blue they used.  I love the simple elegance of the second photo though, and the colors pop perfectly! 

Photo credit: Wedding Hairstyles Blog
Of course it is your wedding day, and many (many many) photos will be taken, but I love this one!  Such a perfect capture to the end of a perfect day.  P.S. - I love the groom's outfit here too!

Photo credit: My Wed Decorations
Lastly, I love this idea for the guests...have them take the time to write a love note, a hopeful message, a prayer, or just a well-wish for the new couple, and then toss it in to the ocean for someone, one day to find.  How romantic!

So those are just a few of the things I am in love with right now.  Hope about you?  Do you love those things? Are you loving something else right now?  Share it here!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Vendor of the Month

For March's Vendor of the Month I am highlighting a great photographer by the name of Layne.  She focuses her talents on boudoir, bridal and babies.  She says, "It's fun, because if you think
about it one leads right into the other."  She also grabs as many senior sessions and fashion
sessions that she can.  A woman of many talents, as you will see in some of her sample shots!

Layne Haley Photography:

"I love taking photos that include bright colours and clean lines. My goal is to make
my clients feel like friends (and most of them become that!). There's no stress, and
a whole lot of fun.  Taking photographs is my passion. Seeing the love during a session, and the reactions to the photographs is what keeps me going. Giving people something that they can
remember for the rest of their life is such an exciting thing for me!  Life passes by so quickly; it's wonderful to be able to grab that moment in time!"

Contact information:
Style: Modern, Journalistic

Sample Work: