Monday, September 27, 2010

~Winter Wonderland~

I am partial to winter weddings myself, since I was married in Decemeber almost five years ago now. I think they are whimsical and romantic, especially when it snows. (We had an ice storm, but everyone came that RSVP'd and we had a great time!) They are also much easier to decorate for, as most everything is already donning "winter wear". For instance: ground is covered in snow, churches hang their wreaths/garland, reception sites hang their lights, candles are in the windows, and Christmas trees are dotted around town. All of this making your job significantly easier and cheaper for decoration. Another benefit to winter weddings is the cost. Less decorating costs, but also prices for all things wedding aren't jacked up like they are in spring/summer! Usually vendors and location costs are much more affordable in the winter months, because fewer brides are tying the knot then. Just stay clear of holidays, because costs go back up then (Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day). To help you finish out those last minute details and ideas here are some pictures of some gorgeous winter wonderland affairs!

Table Number that doubles as a take-home ornament favor!

Notice the sparklers in the top right corner, great for a winter send-off!

If you are looking for a color option other than the traditional red and green, ice blue and silver go very well together!

Snow can make for great photo opportunities! (Although, that last one could give you a chill!)

I love those mittens for the "something blue!"

Cakes have a creative edge for the winter months.

Love when weddings add lit up trees or other foliage for decoration. Easy and cheaper decorating idea!

Silver is very popular for these upcoming months!