Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Color Trends for 2010!

For those at the beginning stages of their planning process, the first few steps you take are always:

~ Determine the Budget

~ Pick a Date

~ Number of Guests


~ Color Coordination

What are this years colors trends?

We are looking at bright colors popping all over the place:

~Fuchsia / Hot Pink

**Mango paired with a turquoise
and other bright color pairings below

All purple hues are in right now:

~Bright Purple

**Varying shades of purple paired with a splash of silver

Add Image Some colors that are making a comeback after a brief (or not so brief) hiatus:

~Light Yellow / Warm Buttercream
~Soft Blue

**Here is a classic navy paired with a more modern trend of pink (Below this you can see mauve isn't just for your grandmother's blush anymore!)

Add Image
Good pairing colors for this year:

~Gray shades

**For instance pale yellow with gray and black

As always, happy wedding planning, and if you need anything I am here to help! Don't forget to check the website out too...updates are always being made! Visit it here: